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  Recent arrivals

Dreadnaughts -
Solid spruce tops with 5 band EQ/Tuners inbuilt
Standard jack and XLR out. 2 with Rosewood lam back and 1 with
Boxwood back and sides

Strings - A wider instrument range and assortment is now stocked

  New strings arrived

Strings -
New stocks of strings catering for a wider range of instruments
have now arrived, call to enquire.

  New stocks shipping

Guitars and Ukuleles - A new model Dreadnaught and restock of our
Solid Spruce top, Rosewood back and sides, both with onboard 5 band EQ/tuners.
High end Triple O - all solid Spruce, Rosewood B/S, Ebony FB/B, 5 band EQ/tuner.

Under manufacture - a new model high end Uke, all solid, concert size, hard case.

Strings - Because I keep getting requests from people who would like strings for instruments other than 6 string acoustic guitar, a wider range including 12 String,
Tenor Uke alternate, Banjo, Electric and a wider range of Classical strings is incoming

I will also be introducing a couple of 6 string acoustic economy lines.

  Free starters lessons

To help get you under way or to discuss technique
I provide a free lesson with every guitar sale.

  Starter Guitar Books

Soon I will complete the first in a series of beginner guitar books.
These will come FREE with instrument sales and are designed to give advice
on instrument care, chord tables, finger positions, reading tabulation and notation,
note scales, strum patterns and more.

  A Big Hello

Hello to all those visitors who called in over Christmas and the New Year,
I enjoyed your company and talking guitars with you.

  Under saddle pick-ups

These are currently on re-order, the idea of a pickup installation that leaves your instrument unscathed, is proving popular. We still carry an instrument with one fitted
in-house for you to try.

  No GST increase on current stock

Acoustico will wear the GST increase on all stock in hand.
However new shipments will increase in price due to both new government levies and increases in existing charges on shipping. New shipment items will also have GST at
the higher rate.

  Traditional tonewood GA Models

New GA models are currently being built
All solid models with Spruce sound board and Sapeli back and sides
Contact me for more information.

  Pickups now in stock

This months arrivals include acoustic guitar pickups, available as a single piezio under saddle unit with a jack out on the back strap lock also with a 4 Band EQ as provided on some of our dreadnaught instruments

  Baker Custom GA model Guitar

Just complete the first GA instrument from Jeff Baker

X-GA82  Click the image to check it out.

  Broad Neck Steel String Acoustic

In the shop we have a broad necked acoustic guitar for trial (it is a prototype) so for all of you who play a Classical style instrument and would like an acoustic instrument with the same neck width at the nut (50mm) this one is for you! These are triple O size steel string acoustic guitars made with a broader neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge,
and a solid spruce top.

This instrument is also ideal for those of you with very broad fingers who wish to play
a steel string acoustic instrument

Come on in and try the prototype out.

I will post some images of the instrument here soon.

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