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We also cater for other instruments, if you what you require is not listed please call,
may be able to help you. 12 String, Banjo, Electric etc.

Strings ...
Light strings - easier to play. Heavier strings - improved bass, body and volume
Experiment a little, various alloys and weights do make a difference, the same strings will sound different on different instruments, a high price does not guarantee the sound you like on your instrument. I like to put the empty packet in my case with a few written comments as a guide and reminder the next time I re-string.

This also helps if you break one, tell us the gauge and we’ll do our best to match it (we can measure your broken string and match it to the rest of your set.

Policy on Strings
Items here are in stock, out of stock items will be marked as such, new lines will be listed here on arrival (the selection will continue to grow). If you have a particular line you are interested in that is not listed, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Only part of the range is shown here call to enquire

ZZ-AGAT Acoustic Strings

Phosphor Bronze

600L John Pearse® 600L, Phosphor Bronze Lights .012-.053

700M John Pearse® 700M, Phosphor Bronze Mediums .013-.056

M535 CF Martin M535, 92/8 Phosphor Bronze custom lights .011-.052

M550 CF Martin M550, 92/8 Phosphor Bronze medium .013-.056

80/20 Bronze

2004 Ernie Ball Earthwood 2003, 80/20 Bronze light .011-.052

2003 Ernie Ball Earthwood 2004, 80/20 Bronze medium light .012-.054

M140 CF Martin M140, 80/20 Bronze light .012-.054

M145 CF Martin M145, 80/20 Bronze light medium .0125-.055

M240 CF Martin Bluegrass M240, 80/20 Bronze light medium .012-.056

M150 CF Martin M150, 80/20 Bronze medium .013-.056

3 sets in 1 pack

M2100PK3 3x sets -
CF Martin Marquis 2100PK3, 92/8 Phosphor Bronze light .012-.054

M140PK3 3x sets - CF Martin M140PK3, 80/20 Bronze light .012-.054

M150PK3 3x sets - CF Martin M150PK3, 80/20 Bronze medium .013-.056

ZZ-CGAT Classical Strings

1100 John Pearse® 1100, Silver plated wound, standard tension .028-.043

1200 John Pearse® 1200, Silver plated wound, firm tension .029-.044

2406 Ernie Ball 2406, Black and Silver, standard tension .028-.042

EJ27N D’addario EJ27N, Nylon, Silver plated wound, Normal tension .028-.043

EJ27H D’addario EJ27H, Nylon, Silver plated wound, Hard tension .029-.044

EJ30 D’addario EJ30, Rectified nylon, Silver plated wound, Normal tension .028-.043

EJ31 D’addario EJ31, Rectified nylon, Silver plated wound, Normal tension .029-.044

ZZ_UKE Ukulele Strings

J53 D’addario J53, Hawaiian-Concert, Black Nylon, .026, .032, .036, .028

H-10 GHS H10, Standard-Concert, Black Nylon, .025, .032, .037, .028

M600 CF Martin, Standard-Concert, Clear flourocarbon, .0191, .0256, .034, .0216

AAPS Single Strings

Acoustic Plain Steels

AAPS Gauges - .010, .011, .012, .013, .014, .015, .016, .018, .019

Acoustic 80/20 Bronze Wounds

AAWB Gauges - .022, .024, .026, .032, .034, .042, .044, .052, .054,

Classical Clear Nylon (tie ends)

ACCN Gauges - .030 Treble E, .033 Treble B, .041 Treble G,

Classical Silver Wound on Nylon (tie ends)

ACCN Gauges - .028 Bass D, .035 Bass A, .040 Bass E,

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